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The benefits of hiring a dog walker

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I’ll admit it, I’m biased! I wouldn’t be in the business of dog walking and pet services if I didn’t passionately believe in what I was doing, so it will come as no surprise that I believe that there are many reasons why hiring a dog walker can enhance the happiness and wellbeing of both you and your dog.

Regular walks improve your dog’s health

Regular and consistent exercise is key to keeping your Woofits in tip-top condition. The PFMA released a study in 2019 that revealed 51% of dogs in the UK were considered to be obese. Whilst this is not solely caused by a lack of exercise, it is considered to be a major factor. Hiring a dog walker means that no matter what the weather your dog will receive quality exercise every day.

A dog walker saves you time

Children, work commitments, social events… even the clocks changing and reducing daylight hours! These are some of the factors that put a strain on your time and means that often the daily dog walk can become difficult to squeeze in, resulting in shorter and lower quality walks for your furry best friend. By employing a dog walker your dog gets the length, variety and quality of walk that they deserve; every day, without fail.

Walks provide mental stimulation for your dog

Quality walks with a professional dog walker not only ensures that your Woofits get the exercise they need but it also stimulates their senses. Different smells, sights, sounds and textures are discovered on each walk and as I am out with the dogs every day I also vary the locations - one day your dog could be exploring the woods at Stoke Park, the next day they are running through the meadows of Siston Common, before finishing their week off splashing in the river at Vassals Park.

Group walks improve your dog's 'socialisation'

Group walks with a professional dog walker means that your Woofits get to meet a range of people on their adventures, hear different noises and experience being part of a small pack. However, there is so much more to socialisation than just meeting other dogs. For puppies it is important that they meet all sorts of people, explore a variety of environments and learn good manners around other dogs. There is an important caveat regarding socialisation - just because a dog is exposed to situations doesn’t mean that it is being socialised. Each experience should be positive, beneficial and progressive in terms of helping to create a resilient, polite and happy dog.

A professional dog walker gives you peace of mind

Building a relationship with a good quality dog walker means that you can relax whilst you are not at home. Destructive behaviour, barking and separation anxiety can all be reduced by employing a dog walker. For example, I don’t just provide weekday lunchtime walks: weekend walks, pop in visits, pet sitting and flexible hours to accommodate shift patterns are all available to make life easier for you and your dog.

There are many other benefits to hiring a professional dog walker but in short it provides consistent exercise and stimulation for your dog, whilst giving you peace of mind and more control over your time - everyone’s a winner!

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