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Returning to the workplace - what about the dog?

COVID-19 has changed the way we all live, work and socialise. However, some degree of normality, or at least a new normality, is beginning to return as we head back to our places of work and children start school again. Most of us are very excited about this and are looking forward to the changes - your dog on the other hand probably wishes things could stay the way they are!

For the last six months most dogs have had the humans around the house a lot more - and it's been great! Your Woofits have had more walks, more attention and more company than they could have dreamed of before 'lockdown' happened. I have spoken to numerous customers these last few weeks about how worried they are about returning to work and leaving the dog. Dogs that were fine being left for many hours each day are now struggling with the separation.

How can a dog walker help?

Group walks:

Woofits Pet Services offers walks in the middle of the day that provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog. Being part of a small group aids socialisation and improves your dog's behaviour around other dogs.

Pick ups for the lunch walk start at around 11:00am and once all the dogs (normally 4) have been collected they are walking by 11:45am. A full hour of exploring woods, rivers, fields and taking in all the sights and smells that nature has to offer then commences. An hour later and the walk is over. The dogs are towelled off and dropped home by around 1:30pm. Your Woofits are therefore out the house over the whole of the lunch period and can now take a well deserved sleep until you return home from work or the children get back from school. This service costs £12 per day and represents excellent value for money.

Pop in visits:

For puppies, older dogs or Woofits who cannot be left for extended periods of time I also offer a 'pop in' service. Visits are 25 minutes and are built around the needs of the dog. For example, I might visit a puppy mid morning for a short walk and play, before returning late lunchtime for a feed and some 'brain training' in the garden. There are many options available as to what I do during the 25 minute and in consultation with you I build a programme to suit you and your dog. One 25 minute visit costs £8 and two 25 minute visits on the same day costs £13.

A completely bespoke package:

Bespoke packages are also available - it is my job to find a service that fits the needs of your dog. For example, one dog I visit has a 30 minute small group walk in the morning and then a lunchtime pop in visit which consists of a walk to the local fields, some food, and then treats and Kongs are placed around the house for her to find throughout the afternoon.

For more information about the packages we can offer don't hesitate to get in contact.

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