🐾 Fully insured and DBS checked.
🐾 Serving North-East Bristol; BS16, BS15 & BS5 for walking and pet sitting

🐾 Agility instruction near Thornbury, South Gloucestershire.



Premium dog walking, expert agility instruction and quality pet sitting services


Agility Instruction

Woofits Agility offers small group and individual lessons at our excellent facilities on the outskirts of Thornbury, South Gloucestershire.

We offer new starter classes for complete beginners, expert instruction and course workshops for experienced competitors and foundation classes for dogs under 12 months of age.

To find out more visit our dedicated Agility page

Home visits

🐾 Cats and other small animal care, including feeding, grooming and play, so your furry friends feel reassured during your absence. 
🐾 Providing care for when you’re not there, whether it be during the working day or while you are away on holiday. 
🐾 I can also water plants, pull curtains and check post when you’re not at home at no extra cost. 

🐾 25 minute visit - £9
🐾 2 x 25 minute visits on the same day - £16 (ideal for puppies and young dogs)

Puppies and young dogs

Leaving a puppy whilst you are at work or at social events can put great constraints on your time and resources. A puppy will grow rapidly into an energetic young dog and their needs can be complex. 
Home visits for your puppy means that you can encourage good long term habits for when your dog is left for longer periods of time and, eventually, becomes one of the group walk members. 
Socialisation is incredibly important for young dogs and I can help you to build up a programme of experiences that prepares them for adult life. This can include:
🐾 Help with toilet training, including changing of puppy pads or introducing routines. 
🐾 Meeting other dogs for short interactions and walks.
🐾 Play at home with the toys and treats that you use during your own training sessions.
🐾 Riding in the van and exploring new environments.
🐾 Other options that are tailored to your puppy’s needs. 

🐾 25 minute visit - £9
🐾 2 x 25 minute visits on the same day - £16 (ideal for puppies and young dogs)
🐾 30 minute puppy walk - £10
🐾 2 x 30 minute puppy walks on the same day (AM and PM) - £18

Dog walking

A range of services to suit your dog’s needs:
🐾 Group walks are with up to 6 dogs and I work carefully to ensure that the right mix of personalities is in each group. 
🐾 Walk time does not include travel time, so your dogs will be out the house for longer and still get their full walk allocation. 
🐾 Group walks are off lead, mostly in quiet countryside locations and the focus is always on an enriching and fun experience for your dog.
🐾 Walks involve mud, forests, hills, rivers and big open fields - if you’re looking for a ‘park and pavement’ walker then I am not the right person for your dog. 
🐾 I specialise in working with gundog breeds - Spaniels, Labradors and Retrievers make up 80%+ of my client base. 

🐾 1 hour group walk - £14
🐾 30 minute group walk - £10
🐾 2 x 30 minute walks on the same day (AM and PM) - £18


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