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Woofits Agility

Agility is a fun, rewarding and addictive activity to undertake with your dog. It creates a unique bond and translates into an improved relationship in all aspects of your life with your best friend. We started agility in 2016 and have never looked back.

Woofits Agility hopes to inspire, motivate and coach you to the same levels of success and enjoyment that we have experienced through this amazing sport.


What we offer at Woofits Agility


New Starters or Foundation Agility

If you have never trained your dog in agility before then we offer 6 week New Starters or 6 week Foundation Agility courses.

Lessons are in small groups, so your dog will be able to make rapid progress and your agility journey can get off to the best possible start. We bring our years of experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure that our classes are fun, rewarding and safe. Dogs should have a good standard of recall and be well socialised; these are group lessons and safety is top priority.

Foundation agility is for younger dogs and the focus is on building the skills that they will need in the future. Foundation classes will use jump wings, some very low hurdles and tunnels. Basic 'contact' work will be explored but full contacts and weaves must wait until the dog is older - safety and age appropriate learning are of paramount importance. 

In both classes the core skills needed to succeed will be taught: impulse control; start line waits; the ability to focus around other dogs; having fun with the handler; working for toy and treat rewards; body awareness; paw placement and balance skills. We put a big focus on drive and we aim to create highly motivated agility dogs that have all the skills needed to progress to competitions in the furture.

Lessons are 1 hour in length and take place on Monday and Tuesday evenings at Larches Farm, Thornbury. Following on from your New Starters or Foundation group you will then be placed into a regular class to continue chasing your agility dreams. 

If the weather allows then we train outdoors in our large grass arena and for the colder and wetter evenings we use the barn.

Our New Starters or Foundation programme costs £60 for 6 weeks instruction.

Mondays at 6pm - Full

Tuesdays at 6pm - Full

Tuesdays at 7pm - Full

Tuesdays at 8pm - Full

More group spaces will be announced in August/September 2022.


Competition Agility

This group is aimed at dog and handler partnerships who are either aiming for competitions or who are already competing. 

In these classes you will be shown advanced handling techniques, course walking skills, practise scenarios that will crop up in the show arena as well as perfecting the parts of your dog's performance that will enable you to achieve your goals. 

If weather allows then we train in our large grass arena and for the colder and wetter evenings we use the barn.

Small group classes at £10 per hour.

Monday 7pm G1-3 - 1 space available. Please email or call to discuss if this class could be right for you. 

1:2:1s at £30 per hour or £18 for 30 minutes.


The main training facility is a 30m x 50m grass arena.

Equipment by Doggy Jumps, antislip Tunnels by Naylors and sandbags by Church Products.


Meet the Woofits Agility team


Ian and Brecon


Ian is an experienced competition handler, a UK Agility Judge and a Kennel Club Agility Judge. 

Ian and Kerri always take a joint approach towards training their dogs but tend to run a dog each in competition. Brecon has been partnered to Ian for the last few years and together they have achieved a lot.

Brecon is UK Agility Grade 'Champion' and Kennel Club Grade 7 - the highest grades a dog can reach in agility. She has been to the UK Agility National Finals on several occasions, including the Masters Final in 2021. 

This year Ian and Brecon are focusing on running in KC Championship classes and are aiming to run in as many top qualifiers as possible. 


Kerri and Dart


Kerri is an experienced competition handler and a UK Agility Judge. She started agility training in 2016 and has brought on Brecon and Croyde through Beginners and Novice grades. Sadly, Croyde passed away at a young age and Kerri never got to show his true potential in competition. Dart arrived as a puppy in the autumn of 2020 and Kerri has been developing Dart's skills over the last year - he has just started competing this season, with some rather impressive results! Dart is a young dog with a massive future ahead of him. 

Kerri specialises in working with younger dogs and she is excellent at building strong foundations that ensures lifelong gains for handler and dog. 


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